Hichrom Limited
HPLC column manufacturer
HPLC column manufacturer
Hichrom Overview

Based in the UK, Hichrom is a leading European manufacturer and distributor of HPLC columns, consumables and media, with manufacturing facilities accredited to both ISO9001 (Quality) and ISO14001 (Environmental) standards.

Hichrom manufactured HPLC columns are supplied to laboratories in over 50 countries through our world-wide network of distributors.

Hichrom also distribute HPLC columns & accessories from the following manufacturers:


Company Brand
Advanced Chromatography Technologies (ACT) ACE…
Advanced Materials Technology (AMT) HALO
CERI L-Column
Chiral Technologies Daicel
Chromtech Chiral columns
Dikma Technologies  
Eka Chemicals Kromasil
Eprogen  Synchropak
ES Industries  
GL Sciences Inertsil
Grace Genesis
Grace Vydac
Hichrom Ultrasphere…
Hichrom C8,C18, RPB
IDEX Health & Science Group Rheodyne
Macherey Nagel Nucleosil…
Merck LiChrospher, LiChrosorb…
Merck Sequant ZIC-HILIC
Microsolv Technology Corporation Cogent
Mitsubishi MCI GEL
Molnar Institute Drylab
Nomura Develosil…
Perkin Elmer Brownlee…
POCH Labscan solvents
Poly LC  
Princeton Chromatography  
Regis Technologies Chiral columnes
Shinwa Ultron
Shiseido company Capcell Pak 
SIELC Primesep, Obelisc
Thermo Scientific Hypersil, Acclaim
Tosoh Biosciences TSK
Wako  Fluofix
Waters Corporation  
Whatman Partisil, Partisphere
ZirChrom Separations, Inc  


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